Now you might be confused about how we can join two tents together. If you’re going on a trip with other groups or maybe your group has been joined by new members, you might require a bigger space. The more practical option is the shared tent, which means two or more tents joined together, especially if you have a single or multi-person tent with only sleeping space.

Well first off not all tents can be joined together, having said that there are few different options to join two tents together. You can purchase a giant tent rather than joining two tents together, and there are few more alternatives for joining two tents together. In this article, we will explore when you need a bigger space when you camp.

When you connect two tents, you will require analyzing the dimensions of your tent to expand the horizon of possibilities as there is no standard way of connecting two tents. Still, there are few methods to connect tents that are discussed below.

Tent With at Least Two Openings

The first step is to set up the tents that are to be joined. Now check the dimensions of the openings of both the tents if they are similar in shape and size then you can connect both the tents by simply driving one tent into the beginning of the other but keep in mind one of tent must have two openings which you will use to come in and out of the tent.

To connect two similar tents, you can take the extra material out by rolling up the doors now, using the binder clips, and clicking both tents’ openings; you can connect them by the edges. Hurray! Directly your tents are connected.

Tents With One Opening

Now, suppose you have to connect two tents when both have only one opening. In that case, you cannot attach them because then you can’t come in and out, so the better option would be to pitch both the tents such that the opening of both the tents is facing each other and have enough distance between them so you can go in and out quickly.

To fix the gap issue, you can use a tarp to bridge both the tents. You can hang the tarp over both the tents and use the guy lines and stakes to hold it. You will need to make the tarp bridge as rigid as possible use your imagination to analyze the situation and try to use anything you can to make it possible. If you got some extra tent poles, you could use them to increase the height of the tarp to get some extra space, or you can use some large sticks too.

This was a good option when you got tents with only a single opening. You can even place some ground tarp and utilize it for storage purposes. This method is also beneficial in a rainy situation as everything will be covered, and you will be safe from the rain.

Pole Marquee Tent

If you have a large group or family, this tent comes in handy as it can be used as a commonplace for eating and chilling. Everyone will be sleeping in their private or shared tents, and this tent will be for chilling, which everyone can share. The setup with this tent is ideal when three 3-4 person tents are combined with it.

Now the question of how to set up the tents, well pitch your tents such that your tents are inside one side of the marquee tent, this way, even in the rainy seasons, you won’t need to get soaked while you’re heading to your breakfast.

You can even increase the size of your setup by using multiple marquee tents or a single large size marquee tent with smaller tents inside on one side of the marquee tent but make sure to leave one area open to come in out.

Connect Tents

Instead of DIYing your tents to connect two tents, tents are available that give you this built-in feature. There is a vast spectrum of tents available to choose from. There are pop-up tents, cabin tents, and pod tents; actually, a tent is available for every camping purpose.

In the world of connecting tents, Ozark Tail’s connections are rocking. The best part is that these tents provide a separate area for sleeping associated with social space in the middle, just like we talked about in marquee tents. And also, if you’re going on a family trip, it is perfect as this tent provides a separate area for kids to sleep in, which is connected to the parent’s room.

The connections come in a wide variety as mentioned above; some might be similar to marquees, the other types are dome tents that have a space to hold up to eight to ten people.

The most popular is the Ozark Trail 4-person connect, and the other is the Ozark Trail 8-Person 2 Dome Tent.

If you want to sleep in a private space and need some space to relax and chill out or maybe have social gatherings, this 4-person connect is the best choice. The process is very straight forward all you have to do is clip the hooks, which can be found at the top of the sleeping tents, to the canopy tent.

Once you have connected your sleeping tent to the canopy tent, you can stretch it out and use the stakes to stabilize it. The bottom part can be joined with the bottom of the canopy poles. But you must know that the canopy tent is sold separately and not with the sleeping tent. The canopy tent works best with the 10×10 Ozark Trail straight leg canopy. Otherwise, you might require an adapter like the 12×12 version.

A single canopy can attach up to three 4-person tents when you do the maths; you’ll find that up to 12 people can have enough space for sleeping and socializing. This is an excellent option to look outside while remaining in the tent, especially good for stargazing—the also an opportunity for rain fly that can be opened up to reveal the mesh roof.

The other tent was the Ozark Trail 8-Person 2 Dome tent. This is a large tent connected to a smaller tent. The connection is made using a tunnel; both tents have their windows, doors, storage pockets, and the required standard features. 

Multi-Room Tents

It is the perfect solution for family camping, provides one with a mini home away. These tents feature many bedrooms. 

Having a large tent helps encourage kids to get outside and explore the great outdoors, so investing in a family tent is worth it.

By splitting the space of a tent into other rooms, many arguments can be avoided.

Critical Benefits of Multi-Room Tents

A few downsides to multi-room tents are : 

 One multi-room tent is the Pod Tent Maxi Elite. Built to withstand even the toughest of storms and weather conditions, you don’t have to worry about quality with this model. It features a PU-coated ripstop nylon rainfly, as well as PVC windows and sturdy aluminum poles. Although it is expensive, this tent is worth the buy and long-lasting. 

It splits four sections. This tent grows along with the family; you can extend the setup to accommodate more people after the initial investment into the main tent. Mini versions of the central dome tent can be linked with Cross Over Tunnels. 

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Final Verdict

After knowing how to connect two tents and some other alternatives for multi-room tents, put together two similar tents, or use a tarp to bridge the gap between them.

A marquee pole tent (or canopy) creates a shared social space between multiple sleeper tents, and the same concept is also available for purchase. A massive selection of multi-room and family cabin tents provides a blissful solution to families and groups.

 Camping with your family is something we all cherish. Don’t let kids miss out in favor of Playstations, instead teach them to camp.